Transforming access

RGT consults and speaks on accessibility, program building in workplace equity and inclusion, and curriculum development.

If you are interested in working together, please get in touch by email or through the contact form on the site.

Work with RGT

RGT giving a keynote at Boston College


RGT lectures on healthcare ethics and disability culture, history, and arts, and speaks on equity and inclusion, bioethics, and the history of access in the United States

RGT standing with Tiffany Yu, one of her mentees. Together they hold up a copy of RGT's edited volume "About Us."


RGT leads workshops on program building and curriculum development, and collaborates with organizations and institutions to develop inclusive practices, policies, and spaces.

RGT having a conversation with an unidentified woman at the University of Iowa

Program Development

RGT consults on bringing equity, inclusion, and access to your organization, and works with institutions to build sustainable, accessible initiatives.

Past consultations

Past consultations

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